Firdausi Haar


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Described As A World In Islamic Culture Where Palaces Are Made Of Silver And Pearls, Rivers Flow Through Valleys Of Precious Stones, And Mountains Are Made Of Musk, Paradise Or Firdaus Is A Beautiful Concept That Has Inspired Artists Over Generations. Glistening Strings Of Deeply Pigmented Jade Stones, Carved Beads, And Cream Pearls Form The Seven Lined Base Of Our Neckpiece. The Opulent Dome-Shaped Pendant With Glistening Stones And Pearls Showering Down Luxuriously, As The Bunches Of Garnets Jingle Playfully Is The Defining Feature Of Our Statement Neckpiece.

Care And Instructions:

•Keep Away From Water, Hairspray, Perfume And Other Liquids.
•Clean When Required With A Soft Cloth Or Paper Napkin.
•Store In A Plastic Airtight Pouch And Do Not Keep It Under Heavy Items As The Jewellery Has Delicate Hand Crafted Elements.

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